Stop Fighting with the Devil (2004)

Stop Fighting with the Devil (2004)

The apostle James called some in the Jerusalem church “adulterers.” Their adultery was not sexual, but spiritual. They were cheating on God. First, they were not sharing with the poor in the church, nor giving them equal seating. This reveals a worship of money, and also a compromise with the world.

Any form of compromise or friendship with the world is adultery. It destroys your Christian witness. It may take the form of going along with dirty jokes, or not witnessing at work because you’re afraid of getting fired. Or it may be making soccer, or school, or building a resume, the center of you or your children’s life. In any case, you are denying Jesus Christ. You are either submitted to Jesus, or submitted to the world.

If this is your case today, you will not find victory by fighting with the devil while you remain a friend with the world. Instead, if you will submit to Jesus Christ, the devil will flee from you!


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