Site Updates…

Site Updates…

Good morning to those who frequent our site,

We’re continually looking to see how we can make the site more useful to you and have added some new features. We switched to a contextual text plugin, which will provide titles of up to 4 posts that may be related based on content, title, etc.

We’ve also added a new plugin at the bottom of the home page, which will display the last 10 messages. We’ve also changed our Christian quotes plugin and have about 200 quotes now and will be adding to that as time allows.

Finally, we are now on a host of Social Media sites. You can find out which ones by going to our homepage on a desktop, and you’ll see icons at the top of the page. We’ve also created the ability to share messages from here to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Icons are available at the bottom of each post.

God bless you, dear ones.

Brother Ed