Run to Jesus for Refuge

Run to Jesus for Refuge

What does it look like to run to Jesus for refuge? Brother Bevington, a 20th-century American evangelist, cut it straight. “Get right with God! Get on your knees and cry out loud for mercy!”

Bevington issued these directions not to unbelievers, but to church members in good standing. The resulting meeting continued for over eight days. Bevington preached only a little. And when he did, he focused on the judgment and the wrath of God. He spent his days offsite, wrestling with God in prayer for the salvation and sanctification of these people. As a result, hundreds were in soul agony–sometimes for less than an hour, and sometimes for days. They confessed their sins out loud, wept, and cried to God for mercy until they finally got through and knew they were right with God.

One woman replied, “You’re just making fools out of all of us. Our pastor said that I’m saved.” Bevington cut her no slack. “Cry out loud for mercy, or you may be in hell in twenty minutes!” The woman began to pray, and forty minutes later “struck fire.” She not only got right with God, but preached powerfully in the meeting.

This account is just one example of the Biblical, old-time revival that we’re praying for and promoting at the National Prayer Chapel. And this is the kind of revival that America needs, if she is to save herself from destruction.

Will you begin a path of personal revival today by confessing and forsaking your sins out loud? And persisting until you know that you’re right with God?