The Reward of Consecration (2004)

The Reward of Consecration (2004)

When Jacob feared that his brother Esau would kill him, he spent a night wrestling with God. Jacob prevailed in prayer, and God brought peace with Esau. He and his family began to settle in Canaan. Then, one of the locals raped Jacob’s daughter Dinah. Jacob’s sons responded in sin. They tricked the men of the city and killed them all. This left Jacob’s family broken, in crisis, and in danger.

But, God intervened. He called Jacob and his family to return to Bethel, build an altar, and remember when God saved Jacob from his brother. In order to do this, Jacob and his whole family had to put on clean clothes and throw out their household gods and golden earrings. They were then in a spiritual place to return to God and consecrate themselves to him again.

Similarly, you as a Christian may have experienced milestones of God’s deliverance. Perhaps you remember when God saved your marriage, your child’s life, or you from financial or social ruin. But now, you’ve begun to compromise with the world. God became less important to you. Instead, you set up other gods, like money, ambition, sports, your family, getting an education, or vacations. Just as Jacob’s family wore the golden earrings that the Ishmaelites wore, you began to behave and dress like unbelievers. When you left God, you drove yourself into a crisis situation that now seems impossible to get out of.

If this is your case, God is calling you to repent and consecrate yourself to him afresh. The reward of this consecration includes deliverance from your self-inflicted crisis. But more than that, it’s the only way to be in a saving relationship with God.

Whether you’ve never made this consecration to Jesus or if you’ve taken back your consecration, today is the day to confess, repent, and get right with God!


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