Returning to the Shepherd of Our Souls (2008)

In this encore broadcast, Pastor Ray emphasizes God's power to transform a sinner into a Christian who overcomes all sin and walks holy before God. There is no salvation outside of a present overcoming of sin.

So why do so many Christians still sin? The answer lies in the book of Revelation. There, we find that the only true barrier to overcoming sin is the pride of ownership–owning one’s life.

To give up ownership is to submit totally to Jesus Christ and obey the Holy Spirit. Then, your whole life will be made up of places of abiding in Jesus. Any area of life that is not a place of abiding is an open door to darkness that will flood and finally ruin the soul.

You are not your own! You do not have the right to own yourself. God created you, and then the Son of God died to buy your soul. This self-ownership is the root of all sin and is the core of rebellion. And it must go!

Are you, as a present experience, overcoming all sin in Jesus? And is this relationship with Him filled with passion and life?

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