Pray for Tears

Pray for Tears

The Puritans would pray for tears in the eyes of sinners. These tears were evidence of genuine repentance. As we see throughout the New Testament, repentance is the foundation of the Christian faith. To try to be a good person, while skipping a complete repentance, is to miss salvation.

To repent is to forever renounce all sin and obey Jesus in all things. This is inseparable from submitting yourself to Jesus as the ONLY authority in your life. In other words, Jesus owns you. You no longer steal yourself from him and pretend to own yourself.

Do you lack joy and peace as a Christian? If so, it’s likely because you’re trying to obey God, but you never renounced all claim to your life and gave yourself to be owned by Jesus. The only way to overcome sin is by faith and submission to Christ.

To deny the Creator, Ruler, and Judge of the universe his rightful ownership of your life is the greatest crime in the universe. Will you let this truth drive you to tears and genuine repentance?


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