Over the Wall

Over the Wall

Some enter the Christian life through the narrow gate. Others enter by climbing over the wall. Both people seem to be on the journey to heaven. “What difference does it make if I climbed over the wall?” one says. “It was great for you to go through the narrow gate. But I’ll be fine, too. We’re both on the path, aren’t we? We’re both going to heaven, aren’t we?”

So what does this look like in real terms? A Christian who came in over the wall never left their sin. Jesus’ dialogue with the Jews in John 8 most painfully and graphically illustrates this tension. Because conversion is a change from one thing to another, that means that you need to be aware of your unacceptable life before God before you can change to an acceptable life.

However, because of false teaching, many of you believe that you’re always going to be a sinner until you die. And so you never repent–which means to leave all sin forever and consecrate yourself completely to Jesus Christ. Without this foundation of repentance and faith–which is the narrow gate–you cannot build an honest Christian life that will be acceptable to God. Though you may do Christian things, your foundation is built on sand instead of rock.

If you arrived at the Judgment Day today, would God say, “You entered by the narrow gate?” Or would he say, “You climbed over the wall?”

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