Do Not Stonewall Jesus (March 2017)

Do Not Stonewall Jesus (March 2017)

Stonewalling is an end of communication. Refusing to answer questions, giving evasive replies, or refusing to submit to Jesus are all stonewalling behaviors. As a result, love flees and the heart grows cold. Stonewalling is the final sign that you’re about to turn away from Jesus.

Love that goes beyond socially acceptable bounds is the opposite of stonewalling. For example, Mary of Magdala washed Jesus’ feet with her hair and tears. Because she saw her true spiritual condition, and knew she’d been saved by Jesus, she sold out to follow him. Then, she sacrificially supported the work of the Gospel.

Is this your present experience? Did you experience this in the past, then grow angry because God didn’t meet your expectations? Are you stonewalling Jesus?

(Today’s welcome message is from Psalm 40 by Sister Michelle).


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