No Longer Hostile to God (2005)

What does being hostile to God look like? First, and most commonly, it is living to survive. If I do everything I can to fix life's problems, I show that I don't love and trust God. Instead, I'm guilty of the same sin Adam and Even committed. It is fearing my circumstances instead of fearing God. This unbelief is incompatible with loving God.

Hostility towards God also includes using God to get what you want. You may also complain or adopt a victim mentality. And, anything that blocks you from praying is a manifestation of a mind that is hostile to God.

Hostility towards God will cause him to withdraw, and eventually send us to hell. But, a desperate need and cry to God–accompanied by faith and obedience–will always be answered! There is no middle ground: are you in a place of submission, or hostility, to God today?


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