The Need for a Solemn Assembly

The Need for a Solemn Assembly

6-15-2017 The Need For a Solemn Assembly - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

Every church in America needs a solemn assembly. This is a mandatory time for everyone in the church--including children--to confess corporate sin. Corporate sin includes sin as part of the church and as a nation. Murder, rape, abortion, increasing secularism, and gay marriage are the righteous judgments of God on this nation because of the unconfessed sins of the church. God intends these judgments as remedial. They indicate that God is withdrawing his restraining grace from society. They ought to drive Christians everywhere to call for solemn assemblies to repent and put away all sin.

Instead, the Christian norm today is self-righteousness, self-sufficiency, pride, and failing to see a need to repent. The National Prayer Chapel was no exception. Lies like, “We haven’t sinned,” “We can’t cut off sin,” or, “Well, the Bible says things are going to keep getting worse and worse,” will take not only your family and neighbors to hell, but you, too. There is no excuse for impenitence. And nothing but repentance will bring the blessing of God. But, God has promised to restore us with his blessings--and even send revival--if the church will get on her face, humble her heart, and honestly confess and cut off sin.


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