Married to the Devil (2003)

Married to the Devil (2003)

God describes a Christian’s covenant with Jesus Christ as a “marriage.” As with any marriage, this covenant requires faithfulness. To be faithful to God is to love him wholeheartedly and to obey him.

However, all sinners are married to the devil. This is evident by their unrighteous actions. In order to marry Jesus, a person must first divorce the devil. You may say, “I’m not married to the devil. I’m my own person. I’m just going to live my way,” or, “I’m just doing what I need to do to make a living.” This is the same tack that Adam took. It is marriage to sin, and therefore to the devil, who is the author of sin.

There is no such thing as being “single”! Will you divorce the devil through repentance, and marry Jesus through wholehearted submission and love?


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