5-11-2023 - Live IN GLORY

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray takes us through the story of Naboth and King Ahab. King Ahab heeded the voice of Jezebel, and the result was total devastation. We must make the same decision to heed or not heed the seducing spirits of Jezebel. If we’re willing to say NO, then God will take us into His glory and power.

To say it more succinctly, say no to Jezebel and yes to Jesus, regardless of what the cost may be! God will defend you, as He defended Elijah (although likely in a different way).

“And once you taste living in the glory of God, you’ll never go back to Jezebel. You’ll never go back to Jezebel and gain your sustenance and your life from this wicked, wicked world and this wicked, wicked woman.” 

Pastor Ray during today’s broadcast