The Lie of Imputed Righteousness

The lie of imputed righteousness has cast a delusion over the modern church. “When Jesus looks at you, he doesn't see you, he sees himself,” has pushed out mental distress over sin. The majority of those who call themselves Christians will, to their surprise, be sent to hell unless there is a dramatic change by the Holy Spirit in our hearts and lives. To understand that Jesus saves us from sinning now, and makes us holy in reality, we must carefully examine the Scriptures and reclaim the meaning of key salvation terms. From Hebrews 10 and Romans 4, Pastor Ray shows that justification by faith means to obey the God-breathed, rhema word to you. This begins by being crucified with Christ and regenerated, or born again, by faith in Jesus. Has your distress over sin been salved by this lie, or has Jesus made you into a new, holy, and righteous person in reality?


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