Jesus, Redeemer and Judge

Jesus, Redeemer and Judge

Who is Jesus? Confusion about this question exists not only today, but began during Jesus’ life on earth. Two keys to understanding the gospel are to see Jesus as our Redeemer and as our Judge. Right now, Jesus is acting as our Redeemer. But the time will come when he Judges all mankind by what they’ve done. And at that point, there will be no more mercy.

For example, Jesus told the woman caught in adultery, “Neither do I condemn you; now go and sin no more.” How could he say this? First, because she could stop sinning–and so can you. And second, because if she didn’t stop, she wouldn’t be able to receive mercy when she met Christ at the Judgment. Instead, she would be condemned. The same holds true for you and for me.

Does what you believe about Jesus match up with this truth?


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