Is Every Christian Like You?

Is Every Christian Like You?

Jesus said that salvation belongs to those who enter the kingdom with burning zeal (Matthew 11). The zeal is to forever and immediately leave all sin, live holy before God, and devote the rest of one’s life to Jesus Christ. Yet in America, a preacher may press the gospel time after time and never see a passionate response.

When there’s a church meeting, do you go? Or do you say, “I can’t put that many miles on my car.” Or, “I don’t have any childcare.” Or, “The Steelers are playing that night.” Perhaps you say, “I was up late last night dancing, so I can’t go to church this morning.” Or, “I don’t want to go to a meeting tonight. I’m too tired from work. I’m going to stay home and relax.”

If you do, do you think every Christian is like you? The fact is, Christians in China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia suffer imprisonment, beating, and death for the sake of Christ. Muslims rape Christian women who refuse to convert to Islam. Around the world, Christians are laying down their lives for Jesus while you continue to play with sin, quarrel with other Christians, make excuses for your behavior, and live in comfort.

The state of California is burning with wildfires right now because of this kind of wickedness–and more. Do you think that you will escape the fires of hell while you live this way, just because you say, “I’m a Christian”?


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