The Great Business of Life

The Great Business of Life

The great business of life is practical oneness and total dependence on Jesus. We don’t learn our way into this gospel. Repentance is the only way in.

But, like Martha, many Christians bustle through the duties of life–or even the duties of the church. They never take time to sit with Jesus and give him their full attention. But, this is the one thing needful for their own personal salvation and for general revival to come in the culture.

Until recently, the National Prayer Chapel fell into this trap. But, Jesus is making big changes. We are now calling for Christians who will repent and embark on an upper room experience. We will no longer be content to live without the saving influence of the Holy Spirit. Instead, we will make the great business of our lives to repent and walk in Holy Spirit revival power.

How many of your precious family members, friends, co-workers, colleagues, and fellow students live in sin, with no knowledge of Jesus? Are you bothered by your lack of concern about their condition? Perhaps you love the lost–but love alone never saved anyone.

Will you commit to join with other Christians in praying for the revival blessing of God? Simply praying by yourself will not suffice. Instead, we must come together as a body and confess, weep, pray, and totally depend on Jesus.

If you’re so led, please join us this Sunday from 10-Noon.