Get Past Your Pride (2005)

Get Past Your Pride (2005)

King Hezekiah led revival in Israel. When he seemed on the verge of death, he cried out to the Lord. God answered him with 15 more years of life. Then, King Hezekiah revealed an underbelly of pride: he showcased the wealth of Israel before the Babylonians. God responded by saying that the Babylonians would capture everything the king had showed them. Instead of crying out to God for mercy on Israel, King Hezekiah acquiesced–because it wouldn’t happen in his lifetime.

This underbelly of selfishness and pride afflicts many modern Christians. Perhaps you have gone to church, prayed for revival, and spoken of the need for the church to get serious with Jesus. But then, you’ve gone out to dinner with your friends and said nothing about Jesus.

Perhaps you’ve said, “Christians need to walk the narrow path. It’s time to stop being hypocrites and sell out for Jesus.” Then, you’ve gone on with your side business, because you didn’t believe that God would really use you to save the lost. You figured that revival was on God’s time, and you couldn’t make it happen. So instead of laying down your life for the salvation of the lost, you figured that you might as well have a good lifestyle until God decided to change things.

This, in reality, is pride. It’s reasoning, “Well, I can get along just fine whether or not God comes.” It’s preferring success in the world over the advancement of God’s kingdom. And, it’s an indifference for the salvation of the lost.

Beloved, it’s time to give up everything that is not of Jesus. God isn’t just going to step in with revival while the church plays with idols. It’s our duty to renounce every idol and get serious with God. Then, Jesus will get serious with us.

Will you get past your pride, humble your heart before God, and devote your life to the work of the gospel?