The Gate

5-24-2017 The Gate - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

Jesus said to enter eternal life through the narrow gate. But did you know that you can knock at the gate and not receive an answer? This will happen if you knock but aren’t serious about your sin.

Salvation begins not with kneeling at the cross, but the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Before we come to the narrow gate, the Holy Spirit must show us our true spiritual condition. If you aren’t aware of your burden of sin, how will you ever see the need to be crucified?

You may ask, “How do I get conviction?” By thinking on your sins in light of the Scriptures. Practically speaking, this means spending many hours reading the Bible, praying, seeking Jesus’ face, and fasting as the Lord leads you. Jesus will show you the way.

Are you crucified with Jesus? Do you walk in the sinless resurrection? Or, do you still need to renounce your life, and fully give yourself to Jesus Christ?