From Bitter To Sweet

From Bitter To Sweet

8-18-2021 From Bitter To Sweet
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After a brief summary from yesterday’s broadcast, Pastor Ray goes forward into Marah, which literally means to to be contentious or rebellious. As Jesus takes us through the world, we must allow all of the Marah in our own souls to be cast down. It’s an amazing message and shows the necessity of fully giving ourselves into the hands of Jesus! We need not be caught up in the Marah.

There is no eternal life apart from Jesus. Eternal life can only flow through us as we’re connected to Jesus Christ.

As we have said, the “wilderness” accurately symbolizes and portrays this world, and the first stage of the journey forecasts the whole! Drought and bitterness are all that we can expect in the place that owns not Christ. How could it be otherwise? Does God mean for us to settle down and be content in a world which hates Him and which cast out His beloved Son? Never!

Pink, Arthur W.. Gleanings in Exodus