Enter Not into Temptation (2004)

Jesus’ temptation in the garden of Gethsemane pictures our own time of crushing in the prayer closet. While imminent separation from the Father crushed Jesus as he prayed, our need for union with the Father crushes us as we pray.

The Christian life comes out of the prayer closet. In prayer, we receive revelation from God. Then, in prayer, we meditate on that revelation. Finally, we must walk in obedience to that revelation.

To neglect prayer is to choose to enter into temptation. Soon, you will lose confidence in God and no longer walk in obedience to what He’s told you.

Do you find yourself going through waves of fervency, then deadness? The Lord’s command is, “‘Enter not into temptation!” Will you forever renounce all deadness, and ask Jesus for the grace to be diligent in prayer?


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