Dressed in Rags

Dressed in Rags

John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress illustrates both conversion and revival. For the main character Christian, the first step of salvation was to recognize that he was dressed in rags. His family and neighbors thought he’d lost his mind. But Christian began to weep and tremble as he read and believed the Bible. He saw that he was destined to die and then go to judgment–and that he deserved to be destroyed for his sin.

Pastor Ray’s assumption in this broadcast is that you, the listener, are dressed in rags. Why would he think this? Because the average Christian he meets will admit, “I still sin.” Instead of crying for the salvation of the lost and God’s grace for ministers, Christians go to church and make dinner plans, catch up on the sports and movies, and then head back out to their normal lives.

When was the last time you saw two Christians greet each other on Sunday morning, then fall to their knees and pray for the pastor? When was the last time you cried as you read the Bible? Or while you prayed for the salvation of your family or friends?

As you listen to this message, ask yourself, “Am I dressed in rags?” And if so, will you determine to dedicate yourself totally to Jesus and renounce all sin?


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