Divorce from Religion

Divorce from Religion

Jesus told a story of a wedding banquet in which one man did not wear the appropriate clothing. As a result, he was cast out of the banquet and sent to hell. This man was speechless. Why? Because he thought that his “religious” clothes would get him in. Instead, what he needed was the “clean linen” (Revelation 19), which represents righteous actions.

Religion–which Jesus called “traditions of the elders”–takes many forms. For some, it is liturgical and includes hierarchical church leadership. For others, religion is “my own personal relationship with Jesus.” Yet others cling to false comforts like, “I’ll be sanctified after I die.” Whatever form it takes, this religion will not save you. Instead, you must forsake everything and live a truly righteous life. Then, you may go on to seek the Pentecost baptism of the Holy Spirit in power for ministry. But, no matter how much you pray for this baptism, it will not come until you truly forsake everything for Jesus.

Are you ready today for heaven? If so, will you take on soul-winning as your life’s work, and ask God for the power to do so?


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