The Death of the Samson Church

The Death of the Samson Church

What is the Samson church? Like Samson, the modern American church felt entitled to God’s blessing. But, like Samson, she kept sinning. She didn’t think anyone could subdue her. She thought she could do whatever she wanted and still receive the power of God. Finally, God stripped her strength. Now she walks in circles, blind, grinding out the enemy’s grain.

At the end of his life, Samson wanted the presence of God more than life itself. “Let me now die with the Philistines!” he cried. Then God answered.

Do you want the presence of God more than life itself? Will you lay down your life for Jesus Christ and the work of the gospel? If so, God will answer you with the anointing of the Holy Spirit to bring revival in America.

If, after listening to this message, your answer is “Yes!”, please join us at the National Prayer Chapel at noon, this Sunday, August 13. And, if you want revival in D.C. and America, please become one of our 100 builders to send Pilgrim’s Progress to the FM dial.


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