The Cost of Revival

The Cost of Revival

Does revival suddenly show up on God’s time, without Christians doing anything? No. For revival to come, Christians must pay the cost of revival. The book of Acts illustrates three responses to God’s attempt to bring revival.

First, on the Day of Pentecost, the apostle Peter preached and confronted the Jews with their sin of crucifying the Messiah. They responded with repentance, and revival followed.

Second, the deacon Stephen confronted the religious leaders with the same sin. However, they responded with anger and stoned Stephen to death. Thus, they did not enter into revival.

Third, Simon Magus became a baptized believer in Jesus. But, ambition and covetousness were in his heart. When the apostle Peter confronted him, Simon Magus denied that he had any sin. So instead of entering the revival, Simon Magus went on to promote Christian Gnosticism and destroyed many souls.

Right now in Washington, D.C., many Christians behave like Simon Magus. You may be one of them. Perhaps you come to church and profess Christ. Then, after the service, you go outside and smoke pot. When you go home, you fornicate, watch pornography, and get drunk. You go out to strip clubs with your friends. Your real job, as a Christian, is to join together with other believers and cry out for the salvation of the lost. Then you are to bring people to church and teach them, by example and by words, how to be blameless in Jesus. But instead, you are off playing with sin and living in darkness. You’ve never been willing to lay down your life for the gospel. This is unconscionable! You’re ruining your own soul, insulting God, and influencing others to be lost.

The truth is, if you will obey Jesus, he will provide for you. If you do what is right, God will bless you, give you a place of ministry, and provide for that ministry. But if you do what is evil, the devil will take you to hell.

The cost of revival is that you forever leave all sin and lay down the rest of your life for the gospel. Will you pay it?