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Let’s Pretend That All is Well

On today’s must-listen broadcast, we find the frightening parallel between the state of america and the church using a very familiar story in the scriptures. The church and our nation are on a downward path into the judgments of God. Jesus desires honest repentance, and true repentance must be revived in the church, before there’s a real awakening. There can be no real revival without real repentance, that’s what Jesus is after from us. It’s time to stop pretending!

Does God Love the Sinner and Hate the Sin?

Pastor Ray uncovers the lie (from the title) in today’s broadcast. He also goes through part of Jonathan Edwards’ powerful sermon entitled “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God“  along with many scriptures to validate this false belief that’s widely accepted in the modern church This lie must be purged from our hearts, allow the Holy Spirit to quicken the word today and repent and leave your sin today if your heart is troubled.

No More Religious Talk

Pastor Ray calls us to reexamine our repentance, is it a real repentance or merely an ego-based repentance, meaning that we repented primarily because we expected some type of quid pro quo. It’s time to go the bottom, are you willing to do that today at the call of the Holy Spirit?

Run For Your Life! Don’t Look Back!

Pastor Ray lays out the story of Lot and compares it to the American church, full of compromise with an unwillingness to stand against the darkness of his age. Are you willing to have a backbone to stand with Jesus against the wickedness of our day? It will cost you everything and Jesus is calling as the hour is late. It’s not too late to run for your life but give it all to Jesus today.

There Is Only One God

In today’s probing broadcast, the Holy Spirit asks the question do you have any other god other than the one and only God, who created the heavens and the earth. His name is Jesus. All other gods must be rejected and that will lead to persecution and many other things. Have you decided to obtain all of your foreign gods and serve Jesus?

Deal Honestly With Jesus

Pastor Ray talks about the necessity of dealing honestly with Jesus. There’s no real repentance without honesty and that’s very humbling to bring ourselves bare before Jesus. Listen to today’s message, have you decided to yield to Jesus? Found out what that really means in the original Greek.

The Light of the Gospel

Pastor Ray continues this series on the”baptism of the Holy Spirit” by addressing some questions raised by listeners from yesterday’s broadcast.This series will continue on Monday, January 4, as we’ll playing some wonderful sermons the next couple of days. f you’re unclear on the Biblical basis and background for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, then this message and one from yesterday will prove to be very beneficial for you. Happy New Year in Jesus!

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Pastor Ray introduces us (or reintroduces to) to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Listen to this foundational message, as the church is in desperate need of a true baptism of the Holy Spirit. This series will continue tomorrow but today’s primer will be a worthy review or may open your eyes to the key truths of entire sanctification, consecration and the baptism of the Holy Spirit…

The Sound of a Mighty Storm

The sound of a mighty storm is coming very soon to America. Pastor Ray uses Ezekiel 16 as the primary scriptural text today. Do you hear the storm coming and are you ready to stand? Now is the time of salvation! May we repent of our lukewarmness today!

A Delusion Sent By God

Much of the American church have been stymied by a strong delusion in their walk with Jesus. Listen to today’s broadcast to hear what that delusion is, followed by a wonderful prayer meeting. Tomorrow and Friday’s broadcasts are prerecorded and you can listen live on WAVA 780 from 1-2 EST or they’ll be up on the website and all of podcasting venues after the broadcast on our website. God bless you all!

Sent From the Heart of God

The wonderful story of the birth of Jesus, how precious it is! Jesus is calling us to be like the wise men. Are you willing to open your treasures, not just your possessions but literally everything for the work of the Gospel. We pray that you’re obedient to what Jesus asks you to do, God bless you!