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The Message That Will Bring A Last Day Revival

Do you know what the last day revival message is? You need to listen to understand today’s message. You must decide whether you will embrace this or be an enemy of it. The current lukewarmness will not persist. Do your actions reflects the decision you’ve said that you have made??

Come Out of Her My People and Pray!

God bless those who called into today to pray to cry out to Jesus, our mighty King and Redeemer. Please join us next Friday from 1-2 p.m. live on YouTube or WAVA 780, an AM radio station in the Washington DC area. The toll free number is 877-534-0780.

Come Out of Her My People

Today’s powerful message melded several different Biblical passages together with one consistent theme. We must come out of the anti-Christ Babylonian system and stand by faith that Jesus will come in revival power to rescue us from the wickedness of this age. You should listen to the broadcast to grab ahold of the message in its entirety. (I apologize for the delay in posting this but ask you earnestly consider this message.) [wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]j2KfAQeVTgc[/wpdevart_youtube]

Hannah Raised From The Dust

Pastor Ray goes through the story of Hannah as it’s the story of those serious followers of Jesus in every generation. Are you willing to enter a vow with God that He has unfettered access to you and all that you have or will be and that He can use you in whatever way He chooses? As Jesus said, Thy Kingdom come thy will be done. Those aren’t cheap words but will cost you everything. Are you willing to be…

Come, Sit With Me In The Dust

As America is crashing on many sides, it’s time (past-time) to sit before Jesus in the dust with an understanding that God owes us nothing but hell and embrace this opportunity to humble our hearts before the living God. Are you willing to do that and to cry out to Jesus for a change? Have you been healed of your leprosy?

The Hardening of The Heart

Today’s powerful message concerns the great need to pray through to victory, which for most of us requires dealing with unbelief. Pastor Ray shares the powerful conversion testimony of Charles Finney, along with many scriptures. Don’t harden your heart but rather come to Jesus and be set free.

The Danger Of Delayed Repentance

Pastor Ray talks about the great danger of delayed repentance or for believers an incomplete repentance, failing to recognize the wickedness of our own hearts. Determine in your heart to go all the way to the bottom and the Holy Spirit will uncover your heart in ways you’ve been unable to see. The key is to apprehend who God is and how our sin has offended Him. We see the kindness and tenderness of Jesus compared to the wickedness and…

What Will Bring You Peace

Pastor Ray goes through the last part of Luke 19. Jesus laid out what happens when we reject the time of God’s coming. Do you hear the call to walk in peace with Jesus, fully given over to Him? Have you counted the cost and resolved to go through come what may. If so, know that God will bring peace in your heart, apart from your circumstances!

Recognize the Time of God’s Coming to You

Pastor Ray lays out the story of Zacchaeus and how that applies to all of us. Will you recognize the time of God’s coming as Zacchaeus did and “go out on a limb” and do whatever you must to have Jesus? Have you abandoned your life for Jesus or does it still belong to you? Don’t let Jesus pass you by… (Note: We had some technical audio challenges at the beginning, which have been deleted in the audio only file…

Now Is the Time to Pray

We’re in a desperate place in the church and in the nation, we ask that you join us to cry out for the deliverance of America from wickedness on every side. Will you join us in crying out? Thank you to those who called in today.

Blind Bartimaeus, What Do You Really Want?

The decisions and actions you make reflect your wants and desires. Are you willing to cry out like blind Bartimaeus, crying out to Jesus for the baptism of the Holy Spirit or are you just concerned about your own world? We cry out not to get something to benefit us but to rescue the lost and dying, are you willing to do that?