Get Past Your Pride! – 2005

In order to be of value to the kingdom of God, we must all get past our pride and the pride of the human heart is so ingrained in our culture that Jesus must take us to extreme lengths to purge this pride. Are you willing to allow Jesus to do that awesome work in your heart? If you’ve said yes Lord, thy will be done than the following sermon will be very helpful to you.

Miracle Offertory!

Jesus always pays for what He orders! We praise Him regardless of how He orders things and wanted to thank you all for participating with Jesus in another miracle offertory! Radio is covered for March! Thank you all for participating and for the sacrifices made at the call of the Holy Spirit!

Unconditional Surrender (2013)

This is the third sermon in a mini-series (December 27, 28 and 31) from the book of Ephesians. Using an illustration from evangelist Rees Howells, Pastor Ray explains that we must make an unconditional surrender to Jesus.