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Video (Page 4)

When Our Hearts Condemn Us

Has your heart been turned aside due to condemnation from the devil? If you can answer yes, this message will be very helpful to you in your walk with Jesus.

Moving Into The Stillness Of God

Today’s message is a powerful message focusing primarily upon 1 John Chapter 3 and 1 John Chapter 2. Let Jesus bring you into victory over all the works of the devil.

Are You A Backslider?

Are you willing to ask the question as to whether or not you have backslid? It’s a vital question to ask as you listen along today…

The Real Test

There’s a final test we must all undergo, if we are to enter the kingdom of God. Listen to Pastor Ray lay this out in today’s message.


Have you made a once-for-all decision to leave all sin NOW? God is angry with every sinner and He has provided freedom through the blood of Jesus, if we’re willing to repent and forsake our sin. What will you do dear one?


Have you become an overcomer and have you said no to all? God bless you dear one!

America Is Going Into The Lion’s Den

Pastor Ray talks about Daniel being cast into the lion’s den, which is the place where America is headed. Our only defense is being innocent and a laying down of all the false gods that the modern church has believed.

Weighed On The Scales

Today’s message is about Belshazzar, a son of Nebuchadnezzar from Daniel Chapter 5. The judgment of God was pronounced, do you see the writing on the wall for America and for your life? It’s time to get right with God.