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Hope For Tomorrow

Where is your hope placed and are you willing to wait for God to fulfill His purposes in your life? Join us today…

Understanding Gospel Language

Today’s powerful message will set you free to those who desire to be free but our Bible language must be changed to comport with the scriptures, lest we believe lies.

Jesus Can Not Repent For You

Pastor Ray lays out a clear roadmap of salvation to those who will listen and heed the voice of the Holy Spirit. More religious jargon will not save you!

Go To Jesus Now

Find out today what it means to “Go to Jesus” or to leave the boat, that place where we’re comfortable but Jesus is not there.
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Stop Working For Lifestyle!

In our culture, we’ve equated the pursuit of the happy fence (i.e. financial security) with happiness. Lifestyle will never fill the hole in your heart, only Jesus will.
All images used to magnify meaning of the podcast.

Don’t Say It Pray It

It’s Friday and time for another live prayer meeting! Join us as we cry out to the Lord! Similar messages: Please Pray Join us for our weekly prayer meeting held earlier today!… The Word of the Lord – 2004 Do you understand what the “word of the Lord” is? A must-listen broadcast…. Lord Teach Me to Pray A breakdown of the Lord’s prayer, much needed, Pastor has done this teaching many times because it’s very important…. Powered by YARPP.