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Near To The Heart Of God

Join us today for our continuation of the study of the Gospel of John. Specifically the focus is upon Chapter 17 and a reading from the book Rees Howells, Intercessor by Norman Grubb.

I Am Finished With Fantasy

Pastor Ray comes back to John 15 today to do a deeper dive. What is the fruit we are to bear and where does the fruit come from? Are you willing to have all fantasia removed from your heart as you seek Jesus?

Your Place In The Heart Of God

Have you found your place in the heart of God? It’s a breaking of self that’s needed. Pastor Ray walks us through a big chunk of John 14 and also deals with some issues that we must deal with.

Deep Calls To Deep

Find out today what it means to go deep in Jesus. Are you still under the law and not even aware of the state of your soul?