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Direct Civil Disobedience

Direct civil disobedience against the wickedness in high places is something that God oftentimes requires of his servants. Are you willing to obey Jesus regardless of the cost involved?

Don’t Be A Lightweight!

Have you heeded God’s words or warning to your heart or have you been very foolish? The decision to be a lightweight is your own choice to make.
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God Is Deciding About You

God set His sights on the most powerful person in the known world. Watch how He moved in the life of this proud man, who became a brother of the Lord God of heaven!

Untouched By Babylon

Today’s message is a story of ancient and modern Babylon. The question is will you compromise with Babylon, as judgment is coming?
clouds during golden hour

Dark Shadows

Is your life under a cloud of dark shadows? Find out all about that on today’s Pilgrim’s Progress.

Do Not Play With God!

We are in trouble in the American church for a myriad of reasons, that’s self-evident. The question is do you want to come out of this morass or do you want to spend the rest of your days here??
path of love

The Path of Love

Pastor begins to lay out this path of love by a very familiar story in the Old Testament of Samuel’s parents. This path is evidenced as a self-sacrificing type of love or agape. It’s also evidenced by our Savior and Lord Jesus. What happens if we reject this path of love that Jesus has for us? During the last half of the broadcast, Pastor Ray walks through the path of love laid out for us in 1 Corinthians Chapter 13.…
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Cover Me Jesus

May this familiar story become or intensity as you listen to Pastor Ray today recounting the story of Ruth.