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His Name is Jesus

Are you willing to fully yield your life to Jesus? If you are, then this introductory message from the book of Colossians will be a great blessing to you.
Shows two paths

Two Roads, One Broad One Narrow

Pastor Ray lays out two roads for the Christian, the primary question is which road are you on? Listen intently and ask the Holy Spirit to show you the narrow way. The narrow way is too narrow to allow selfishness, while the broad road makes everything about its own consumption in some form (i.e. what’s in it for me and how can I benefit). What is the testimony that your life proclaims (not just your mouth)? Is it laying down…
a window with a view of a valley

Lord, Please Shelter Me Under Your Blood

Pastor Ray walks us through some of the highlights of his pilgrimage over the last 30 years, with an eye toward learning to fully trust in Jesus. Although Jesus demands our full submission, it takes much longer for most of us (myself included) to fully trust Him. Listen to Pastor Ray’s testimony and make the same decision that he did to yield to Jesus, to trust Jesus for provision, health and ministry (i.e. everything). Jesus wants to carry you as…

Sin Is Selfishness

It’s clear that sin is selfishness. Our hope of redemption is to forsake our sin, repent and cry out to Jesus and be crucified with Christ. What will you do?


On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray lays out the pathway we must take as Christians, something Pastor Ray calls the Romans 6 (Chapter 6) road. It’s the road to crucifixion. This road to crucifixion has been blocked by our resistance to the Holy Spirit, as we have substituted other ways to salvation or have simply been sidetracked in our foolishness. Pastor Ray lays out many of those traps during today’s broadcast and the word is simple and straight, the only way…

Are You Willing To Be Of No Reputation?

Today’s opening message is an overview in a series of messages on what it means to be of no reputation (or utterly poor in Spirit). Before a man or woman can be used in the kingdom of God, He or She must be whittled down before Him. That’s not an easy process, as you watch Pastor Ray walk through this. Our problem is that we will not escape the scourging hand of God that will come upon us to whittle…


Is the desire of your heart to live in the glory of God? If you can say yes honestly, realize that the spirit of Jezebel must be purged in your soul.