The Jacob Generation

Do you have eyes to see that we the church are in an impossible position, unless we chose to walk as our brother Jacob did. Find out more as you listen.

The Day Of The Lord

Pastor Ray takes us through Malachi Chapter 3 and Chapter 4, as it is chalked full of what Jesus is calling for now in our age.
sheep, herd, flock of sheep

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Jesus is indeed our shepherd if we’ll simply trust and yield to Him, even if you’re walking through the valley of he shadow of death.
dive, blue, diving deep

Go Deep With Jesus

What does it mean to go deeper with Jesus and why is that so important? Find out that and more on today’s Pilgrim’s Progress.

Keep Yourself From Idols

Today’s message is a call to go deeper, much deeper with Jesus, in this shallow and wicked culture in which we live. Are you willing?