An Open Door Of Blessing

Is your life an open door of blessing through which Jesus can flow? Are you a part of the Philadelphia church, evidence by the holy life you live?

Is The Wound Serious?

Do your walk and talk match or do you say one thing but do another? That was the church of Sardis, is that true of you? The answer is repentance not self help…

Don’t Lie To God When You Pray

Thank you for those who called into today to pray at the call of the Holy Spirit. We have had some technical challenges today but the Lord has been faithful and everything should be back up and running, except for a couple podcast providers and those should be up soon. Related posts: Another Kingdom A wonderful welcome from Philippians 3…… Deny Your Unbelief, and Pray! (2005) Jesus will bring us to a place where only He can deliver us time…