The End Of God’s Patience

Do you have eyes to see that God’s patience has come to an end with regard to intentional sin? Will you leave all sin and give yourself to Jesus?
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The Prayer of Complete Surrender

Our live prayer meeting today began today with a quick reminder from the book “Rees Howells, Intercessor” on the issue of surrender or yielding to Jesus. Jesus wants us to give everything into His hand, have you made that once for all decision to give yourself fully into the hands of Jesus. Pastor Ray has aptly said that self is the number one idol in America, will you lay it down? Today’s Prayer Meeting was held live earlier this afternoon.…


You have been given a front row seat to the coming return of Jesus. Listen to today’s message as Pastor Ray unfolds the word of God.

Under The Wing Of God

The time is where we must come under the wing of God, lest we perish. Are you there yet and have you given yourself fully to Jesus?
All images used to magnify meaning of the podcast.

Seven Seals (2020)

One of the primary keys to understanding Revelations are the seven seals. Will you listen and ask the Holy Spirit to open this message up to your soul?