Sunday Sermons

Sunday Sermons

The Brakes Are Off

Pastor Ray continues with this series concerning Elijah. Do you see that the brakes are off both for America and the American church?

Revival Prayer

(This sermon is from the January 29 revival meeting.) God wants to bring us all to the utter end of ourselves: where we, like Jacob, cry out, “I won’t let you go unless you bless me!” But this isn’t a selfish prosperity blessing; it’s the blessing of revival. Will you come to a total end of yourself, and allow Jesus to revive your heart? Come join us tomorrow night (February 26) for a revival meeting in Woodbridge, Virginia. More information…

Keep Your Hands to the Plow!

Jesus said that anyone who put their hand to the plough, and looked back, was unfit for the kingdom of God. Elisha is an example of one who didn’t look back. Instead, he burned his farm equipment, slaughtered and ate his oxen, and devoted the rest of his life to serving God. Jesus made it very clear that service and salvation can’t be separated. As Catherine Booth said, “The true service of God is obedience prompted by love. ‘If ye…

Birthing Revival

In ancient Israel, an ordinary woman–Hannah–cried out to the Lord for a child. In her prayer, Hannah vowed to give the child to God. God heard and answered her prayer. Hannah prophesied and her child, Samuel, grew up to become a prophet who turned the nation of Israel back to righteousness. Likewise, you, an ordinary Christian, are called called by God to give birth. But not to a physical child, but to revival. The Holy Spirit needs bodies, needs people,…

Build an Ark

When God looked at the earth in the days of Noah, he regretted creating mankind. Despite God’s pain at how mankind had corrupted itself, God instructed Noah to build an ark of safety. By this ark, God preserved the righteous Noah and his family in order to eventually send Christ to redeem the human race. Every sinner on the face of the earth died. God’s next judgment won’t be by water, but by fire. And this time, God built the…

The Beginning of the Great Argentine Revival

In June 1949, the Holy Spirit broke out in the small town of Lavalle. The revival spread until the whole nation of Argentina became Christian. But how did this move of God begin? Listen to the testimony of the man who spent months in prayer for revival, and the prayer meeting that changed Argentina forever.

The Open Hand of God

Christ now extends His hand to mankind in mercy. He is functioning in the role of redeemer. But the time will come when Christ puts on the garments of judgment. Then, no mercy, pity, forgiveness will be available. You will be judged by what you did in this life. Have you obeyed Jesus’ command, “Neither I condemn you, now, go and sin no more“?

Worthy of the Gospel

In this highly relevant sermon, Pastor Ray Greenley unfolds the Christian duty to walk worthy of the gospel by aligning one’s interests with the interests of Jesus. The apostle Paul lamented, “For all seek their own interests, and not the interests of Jesus Christ.” This is a cardinal sin of the American church today. Jesus’ first interest is the church. His second is the salvation of the lost. A Christian who is right with God will adjust the priorities of…

The Miracle of Change

Jesus Christ stopped Saul in his tracks on the road to Damascus. How did Jesus deal with this sinner? Did he begin by saying, “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. Let’s get you in an anger management class”? No! Instead, Saul underwent a miracle of change. Within three days, the raging murderer changed into a meek preacher of the gospel. Have you likewise been converted from a sinner into a saint?

Learning How to Walk in the Blessing

God has one agenda, it’s to make a people holy who will be the bride of Jesus. The way we’re made one with God is by being made holy. God’s blessing is to make us innocent and give us everything we need to serve Him. We receive this blessing by faith in Jesus. Are you innocent today?

Asa, King of Judah

King Asa led the nation of Judah in righteousness, and God blessed them with peace and prosperity. But then Asa turned from the Lord and began to make political decisions without seeking God. When rebuked, Asa put God’s people in prison and persecuted them. Finally, he died with an impenitent heart. How did this happen? Simply, Asa forgot that he was a sojourner. He forgot that this world wasn’t his home, and that he wasn’t an independent free agent who…

Present Truth

In every age, God has had a present truth to address the particular sins of the people. During the Reformation, the present truth was expressed in Luther’s 95 theses. Later, John Wesley brought forth the truth of the necessity of holiness in order to enter heaven. Today, the present truth is that this is the last call for the Gospel. God’s judgment is coming! The hour of compromise is over. It is either heaven or hell! Are you proclaiming this…