Revival (Page 3)

Revival (Page 3)

The Date of Your Execution

Has the law, by faith in Christ, been totally fulfilled in your heart? Are you, like the parents, pleading with God for the guilty–or, like the son, will you come to the date of your execution in rebellion and proud disdain, protesting your innocence?

The Liquid Love of God

Will you, this Christmas, receive God’s gift to us in Christ, and allow the Holy Spirit to take possession of your soul?

The Crooked Lane

Ignorance refused to be convinced that he would be unable to enter the Celestial City unless he was crucified with Christ and born again.

Words of Life

Will you make the decision to be both thoughtful and deliberate in your speech, so that you remain in the presence of Jesus?

Only a Single Seed (2005)

In today’s sermon, Pastor Ray focuses on what it means to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Jesus, as laid out in all of the Gospels.