Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast (Page 102)

Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast (Page 102)

God’s Purpose in Our Suffering and Hardship

Pastor Ray’s focus is on God’s purpose in suffering and hardship in our lives. These things are the handlebars that God uses to grab our attention, so that we may turn our hearts fully in surrender to Jesus Christ.

A Call to the Half-Converted

Listen to the message and determine if you are indeed half-converted and make the decision to give yourself fully into the hand of Jesus. The half-converted cannot enter the kingdom of God.

Will You Enter the Ark?

There are so many parallels between Noah and this age in which we live, the question is whether you will flee the wickedness and enter into the ark of safety.

Well Pleasing to God!

Listen to the story of Enoch and how he made that choice to be well pleasing to Jesus and make that same choice with your own life today.

A Mind That Understands! (2004)

We can easily get off track in our walk with Jesus when we focus either on the past or the future, which leads us into taking control of our lives again as we begin once again to believe the lies of the devil.