Sermons (Page 111)

Sermons (Page 111)

This is the one that’s going to contain all of the sermons and messages on the radio, as well as the encore sermons.

Life of Elizabeth Baxter

Elizabeth Baxter made this transformation from “I am” it’s all about me to that of the real “I am” the all powerful God, have you allowed God to do this great work in your heart?

The House of God

Is there part of your life where you are still paralyzed? If so, Jesus wants to set you free where He removes the sin and makes you righteous.

Do Your Walk and Your Talk Match?

The heart of Jesus is to bring us to a place where what we say and what we do are totally congruent and that allows the Holy Spirit to give us great boldness to simply do what He asks us to do and to proclaim his word.

Felix Neff, The Brainerd of the High Alps

To those who have found rest to their souls in Jesus Christ, but those whose spiritual life has gradually become feeble and languishing, I say without hesitation that this evil arises from their neglect of prayer and meditation.

William Bramwell, Apostle of Prayer

Like William Bramwell, knew and experienced the wonderful gift of entire sanctification, are you willing to cry out to Jesus for this precious gift, knowing that it will cost you everything?

Disappointed by Jesus? (May 20, 2007)

The real issue in the sermon is not whether or not you will be disappointed by Jesus, you certainly will be to some degree (due to all of the lies that permeate the modern American church) but the question is whether you will entrust (or intrust) yourself into the hands of Jesus?

Circumcision, a Type of Sanctification

Today’s sermon focuses on the mighty work of circumcision, which is something that Jesus does in our heart as we trust him and fully consecrate ourselves to Him. This is where the root of sin is utterly removed in our hearts.