This is the one that’s going to contain all of the sermons and messages on the radio, as well as the encore sermons.

Miracles Through Prayer!

Pastor Ray shares one of the remarkable miracles in the life of G.C. Bevington, a holiness evangelist. The story is in stark contrast to the modern apostate church. Do you see how far we’ve fallen and are you willing to cry out to Jesus to change this, not only in your life but in the American church? Related posts: Remarkable Miracles Are you willing to meet the conditions for remarkable miracles in your life?… No More ‘Buts’! (James 1) All…

JUDGMENT DAY, How Will You Stand??

After a quick review of the two preceding messages and a reminder of the three necessary steps involved in the School of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Ray proceeds with the third message in this series. Pastor Ray explains how righteousness comes into our lives! How glorious it is and it’s not by white knuckling our way through these difficulties! It is glorious yet painful, have you made that decision to enter this school of the Holy Spirit? (In Matthew 7),…