Saturday Classics (Page 3)

Saturday Classics (Page 3)

Besieged by God (2004)

If you’ve ever made a honest decision to follow Jesus, know that God will besiege your life to no end. His purpose is to bring you and I to a full surrender of our lives, not to steal or harm us. Are you consciously aware of how God has besieged your life? Make that unequivocal surrender of your life to Jesus Christ today as you listen to today’s message!

A Mind That Understands! (2004)

Today’s sermon classic will be a very helpful reminder for you, so I would encourage you to prayerfully listen. We can easily get off track in our walk with Jesus when we focus either on the past or the future, which leads us into taking control of our lives again as we begin once again to believe the lies of the devil. Fully give yourself into the mighty hand of Jesus and watch what He will do in your life!

Vanity Fair (2009)

Today’s post is from the Springs of Living Water radio broadcast with Pastors Ray and Jan from 2009. They are speaking from the book Pilgrim’s Progress when Christian and Faithful went to the city of Vanity Fair. Surely our current culture is quite similar, with even more decadence and debauchery. Make the decision to go through Vanity Fair, regardless of the cost.

A Good Report? (August 2006)

Today’s sermon classic is primarily about Daniel and him being cast into the lion’s den. Daniel was willing to give up his expectations and opted to put his full trust in God. The good report is that Daniel fixed his eyes upon Jesus (i.e. he prayed, he didn’t quit), despite his circumstances. What would have happened if God didn’t deliver Daniel in the way we thought he should be delivered? Does God have to work out your circumstances in a particular…

A Crust of Bread from the Dark Side (March 8, 2008)

Today’s classic sermon focuses on the life of King Saul and his great sin of divination, which was evidenced in the battle against the Amalekites. Saul, in effect, drew a circle around his life and decided when and how he would obey God. This self worship resulted in a great self delusion, in that Saul believed he was actually serving God when he was really serving himself and brought God’s wrath upon him and led to his demise. Let this message be a…

Go through with God! (October 2006)

Today’s Saturday classic is a Springs of Living Water radio broadcast with Pastor Ray and Pastor. They succinctly and accurately lay out the process where God begins in earnest to transform our character. What a wonderful work to be transformed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, there’s nothing more precious.  Have you made that decision to “go through” with God?

The Kingdom of Cain (October 2006)

In today’s classic sermon, Pastor Ray distinguishes the “Life on God’s Terms” with the “Kingdom of Cain” who wanted to have be in charge of his own life. Despite Cain’s great sin, God still called after him and his call is that we lay down our lives in service to Him. Will you be a Cain or a Daniel? God never forces us to serve him but yet he continually calls us to lay down our lives to Him.

Life on God’s Terms (2006)

On today’s broadcast, we rebroadcast a sermon from 2006. Using the life of Daniel, Pastor Ray illustrates what it means to have our life on God’s terms and what that actually looks like.  In our self-centered culture, we’ve wanted to make our life about us and most of our life is not actually about us but rather what God wants to do through us. That’s the call from Jesus to live our life on His terms. What will you do???

The Language of Prayer (July 7, 2005)

On today’s sermon classic, Pastor Ray lays out the call of the Holy Spirit for the National Prayer Chapel and walks quickly through the model prayer, the Lord’s Prayer. May His kingdom come and His will be done in your life as you fully submit to Jesus.

The Way of Ishmael (August 1, 2004)

Today’s classic sermon is one on the way of Ishmael. As Abram and Sarai waited for the promise of God to be fulfilled in their life together, they grew impatient and opted for creating an Ishmael. Learn what this means and allow conviction to come so that this self-reliant spirit can be removed by the blood of Jesus. Jesus wants us to trust in His promises, not in our ability to create for ourselves. Are you trusting in Jesus to…

How to Be Happy? (2008)

Today’s post is part of a series on the Beatitudes and this one is the first message. This will provide a foundation for an understanding of the Sermon on the Mount. Each of the beatitudes begin “Blessed is he” which literally means happy is he. Isn’t it time that you become happy in Jesus? I’ll leave you with the words of that blessed hymn: Trust and obey,  For there’s no other way To be happy in Jesus, But to trust…

Stop Fighting with the Devil (May 6, 2004)

In today’s classic sermon, Pastor Ray lays out how to draw closer to God. The only way to fight the devil is to humble our hearts in submission to God. Listen to God’s prescription for coming closer to Him. (Note: We lost about a minute or so from the beginning of the sermon.)