Draw a Line in the Sand (Revival in Argentina)

We must all come to that place where we will no longer compromise with darkness in any way and stand fully on the promises of God. Are you there yet or are you willing to be jettisoned there by the Holy Spirit? It’s time to stand!

Faith Came Into My Heart

Today’s broadcast was in part an offertory, in which the Holy Spirit moved in the hearts of two precious listeners and covered the radio bill for December! Jesus indeed pays for what He orders. The second component of the broadcast were some stories shared from the Argentine revival. Revival is coming to Washington D.C. may your heart be encouraged today as you listen!

No One Wants to Hear -Revival in Argentina

Today’s message from R.Edward Miller’s previously mentioned books on revival in Argentina is reminiscent of an old Keith Green song entitled “Asleep in the Light.” Because much of the church is sleeping, most hear no call of the spirit as the days dramatically darken. Are you willing to be awakened from your slumber to do business with a Holy God, who has sacrificed everything for you or will you be swept away in your unconsciousness? “Romans 13:11 And that, knowing…

God’s Answer – Revival in Argentina!

We pray that you enjoy a very special broadcast today centering around the Argentine revival. Pastor Ray shares from the book “The Flaming Flame: The Story of Continued Revival in Argentina” which R. Edward Miller’s second book on the Argentine revival. Our prayer is you’re willing to cry out for this power to come in this nation, as we so desperately need revival. We invite you to give at the call of the Holy Spirit to enable us continue bringing…

Heavenly Visitation-Revival In Argentina

Pastor Ray reads from the incredible book by R. Edward Miller “Thy God Reigneth: The Story of Revival in Argentina” and then goes back near the end of the broadcast to Romans Chapter 6 & 8 to lay out the difference between walking in the flesh versus walking in the Spirit. Will you allow God to give you a hunger for revival in America and are you willing that God would share His burden with you!

God’s Covenant Revival Promise – 2009

If you have a heart for revival and wonder why revival tarries as Leonard Ravenhill and others have aptly stated, then listen to this message and it will be crystal clear. Pastor Ray walks through 2 Chronicles 7:14 and it’s clear that the American church, which includes all of us who call ourselves Christians, have been unwilling to humble ourselves and walk through this death to self. That’s the key to unfolding today’s message. The hard shell of self must…
revival prayer

Revival Prayer

(This sermon is from the January 29 revival meeting.) God wants to bring us all to the utter end of ourselves: where we, like Jacob, cry out, “I won’t let you go unless you bless me!” But this isn’t a selfish prosperity blessing; it’s the blessing of revival. Will you come to a total end of yourself, and allow Jesus to revive your heart? Come join us tomorrow night (February 26) for a revival meeting in Woodbridge, Virginia. More information…

Birthing Revival

In ancient Israel, an ordinary woman–Hannah–cried out to the Lord for a child. In her prayer, Hannah vowed to give the child to God. God heard and answered her prayer. Hannah prophesied and her child, Samuel, grew up to become a prophet who turned the nation of Israel back to righteousness. Likewise, you, an ordinary Christian, are called called by God to give birth. But not to a physical child, but to revival. The Holy Spirit needs bodies, needs people,…

Married for Eternity

Jesus passionate love for us leads Him to go to every length to purify us so that we can be married for eternity to Him. To be purified, we must make a deep and thorough repentance. E.E. Shelhamer’s Manifestations of Carnality provides specific suggestions. Secondly, we must quickly do whatever Jesus tells us to do. Will you resolve to not patch over anything? Will you go all the way with Jesus so that he can bring revival?

Walking through a Veil of Tears

For centuries, true Christians have walked through a veil of tears because of their grief over a church choked by self-righteousness. Christians who set up Pharisaical standards, and then hold others to them, break relationships and cause division. Because people in this self-righteous spirit are so convinced that they are right, they don’t see the damage they cause to the people of God. Jesus loves his church because it’s his body. And self-sacrificing love, explosive joy, and shalom mark the…

When You Don’t Want to Pray

What do you do when you don’t want to pray (but you know you should)? Charles Finney lays out how we are to come into the state of mind to offer the prayer of faith. First, we search the Scriptures and find evidence that God will answer. Simultaneously, we cherish the good desires from the Holy Spirit. Entire consecration to God, living a holy life, and walking every day with God are equally indispensable. Provided we meet these conditions, God…