Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

Top 10 Excuses For Why We Don’t Repent

The call is to get right but because there is full provision in the blood to Jesus to deal with any sin. We must also look closely at any resistance that rises up. By nature, we look to blame someone else (see Adam and Eve for the first example in the scriptures) or even ourselves or God. We first have to recognize of our excuses and repent of those things and the underlying sin. It’s time to get right with…

The Joy Of Living In God’s Power

There’s great joy in living under the power of God. There’s great joy as we walk clean, but it’s how we treat other that brings problems. All obstacles in our hearts and between us must be removed. Pastor Ray takes a look at the life and messages of Stephen and Peter. Do you have great joy in your heart to serve Jesus, regardless of the cost? That great joy will be coming again! We all make one of three choices,…

The Church Of The Holy Spirit

There must be a radical change in the American church, brought by the Gospel. Are you on this path to revival and do you see your great need for changes to be made? There must be a radical change to our everyday lives brought by the Holy Spirit.

What are You Giving For Your Soul

Pastor Ray’s focus today was primarily on Mark Chapter 8 and the necessity of denying ourselves and taking up our cross (being crucified with Christ) and following Him. He uses some very powerful illustrations from the testimony of some of our listeners. Do you love something or someone more than you love Jesus?

Approaching the Throne of Grace

The call of Jesus is to approach the throne of grace in our time of great need, in the anguish of a lukewarm church. Will you cry out to Jesus or will you simply sink in your state of languish?