Pilgrim’s Progress Story Time 4/29/2023

Hello, thank you for stopping, we’re trusting that Pastor Ray will be able to do Pilgrim’s Progress Story Time soon. In the interim, we’re continuing to run previous episodes. Thank you for praying for his recovery.
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No New Message Today 4/26/2023

Please note that due to a scheduling error on my part, we won’t have a new broadcast today. We did create a short, which is available on our YouTube site. We will be back in sync tomorrow. God bless you! Brother Ed
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Pilgrim’s Progress Storytime Episode 8?

We will not have a new episode this week for our Pilgrim’s Progress Storytime and WAVA-780 will re-air the first episode tomorrow at 2 PM. Join us next Saturday, March 3 for an action packed episode of Pilgrim’s Progress as Christian lays his life on the line.