Can We Live Wrong and Die Right? (2014)

Can We Live Wrong and Die Right? (2014)

Does, “I’m saved, and now I have to do my best,” encapsulate your Christian experience? If so, you’ve been duped by a gnostic, self-improvement, legalistic gospel that’s no different than Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, or any of the world religions. This flat-earth gospel blocks a true apprehension of the great divide between our heart and the heart of Jesus. In turn, no godly sorrow is felt, and there is no real repentance. Instead of being born again into righteousness, many are born into dead religion and legalism. The changed meanings of key salvation terms–grace, faith, righteousness, atonement, and saved–are the stronghold of this impotent, revival-blocking theology. Are you ready to leave the “traditions of man” and trust in the Scriptural gospel of a full and present salvation from all sin?

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