Breaking Impossibility Wall (2018)

After an 11-day healing service in Necochea, evangelists traveled to Loberia to continue working. But when they arrived, the police refused permission for healing services. Exorbitant rental costs, a strong spiritist community, and a week-long pagan carnival combined to form an impenetrable “Impossibility Wall.”

Then, God opened the way for a week of services. At the first meeting, only three people came out of a population of 20,000. Abandoned by the other evangelists, Edward Miller and his wife stood alone on the 200-person platform. Mid-week, the couple turned to importune prayer. The wall came down! Before long, Argentines seeking healing and salvation packed the venue. The revival then spread to nearby villages.

We’re facing a similar “Impossibility Wall” in Washington, D.C. and in America. Will you dedicate yourself to prayer, and to whatever actions Jesus will ask of you, to break down this wall?


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