Begone Unbelief!

Begone Unbelief!

8-28-2017 Begone Unbelief! - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

Do you believe that you can never stop sinning? If so, you’re in unbelief about the most basic element of the gospel: Jesus saves us from sinning.

In order for God to transfer us to his kingdom of light, he first has to make us holy. Becoming holy–which is conversion–is a choice. It is dying to sin and yielding ourselves entirely to God. Then, God recreates us into a new person who is qualified to enter his kingdom.

The good news is that we CAN escape from sin–right now! You don’t have to stay trapped in iron chains. When you’re freed by Jesus, the natural result will be a strong desire to share the gospel and bring others to Jesus.

Are you trapped in sin? If so, won’t you give yourself to Jesus today, and let him free you?