Begone Unbelief!

Begone Unbelief!

8-28-2017 Begone Unbelief! - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast
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Do you believe that you can never stop sinning? If so, you’re in unbelief about the most basic element of the gospel: Jesus saves us from sinning.

In order for God to transfer us to his kingdom of light, he first has to make us holy. Becoming holy--which is conversion--is a choice. It is dying to sin and yielding ourselves entirely to God. Then, God recreates us into a new person who is qualified to enter his kingdom.

The good news is that we CAN escape from sin--right now! You don’t have to stay trapped in iron chains. When you’re freed by Jesus, the natural result will be a strong desire to share the gospel and bring others to Jesus.

Are you trapped in sin? If so, won’t you give yourself to Jesus today, and let him free you?