Available for Revival

Available for Revival

Right now, God sits on his throne as the Creator and Supreme Ruler and Judge of the universe. Jesus Christ has total authority over your life. If you’ve denied him this authority, you’re in rebellion. But what does this have to do with you being available for revival?

First, you prepare for revival by being cleansed from all sin. This includes both the intention to live a sinless life and a commitment to promptly obey the Holy Spirit in all things. Now, the Holy Spirit will say, “Give $20 to this person. Don’t buy that.” He will guide you to go to certain places and meet certain people. Like Philip the evangelist, you’ll be willing to walk into the desert at the prompting of the Holy Spirit–knowing that you will meet someone seeking Jesus. At the same time, you cultivate a lifestyle of serious prayer, Bible reading, and study.

If you’re available for revival, you will no longer be available for time-wasting activities that do nothing to advance God’s kingdom. You give up spending your evenings watching the game, shopping, or hanging out with your friends. Instead, you pray for the lost, give to the poor, and encourage others to follow Jesus. You do whatever work the Holy Spirit would have you do for him.

Revival has many demands. In a revival, God may call you to translate Scripture, work for an orphanage, teach children, or help end sex trafficking. But the point is, for God to accomplish anything of value in you, you must first make yourself available.

If a revival were to begin today, would you be available to work in it?