Is God an End, or a Means to an End? (Paris Reidhead, January 1, 1965)

There's a pervasive attitude, especially in the modern American church, that God is simply a means rather than an end. We've simply opted in large part to use God to get what we could from Him. So I will serve God as long as gives me what I want and then if He doesn't give me what...

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Enjoy some sermons and broadcasts from 2009-2011 (Just click and play)!

A Fictional Gospel A Finished Work A Journey to Make A Life of Love A Pigs Life A Place of Rest in the Storm A Plain Account of the Gospel of Jesus A Pure Heart A Saviour Who Saves Alone With God Are Your Sins Forgiven? Banished Bluebird of the Slums Broken Cisterns Bury Your Face...

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Where Can I Find More Sermons or Broadcasts?

If you have had difficulty in finding additional sermons, please go to the top of the page and select, “Do You Need More Sermons?” (Note: The download command is at the bottom of the very long page for now, but any sermon can be streamed or downloaded.) The last 150 are also available for streaming on...

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How to Set Up a Blog Application on Your Smartphone

We thought that some of you may benefit from a very brief tutorial on setting up a podcasting application on your smartphone. This type of application takes the posts made from our website and then copies that post to your app. If there's a sermon or broadcast included (which there will be most of the time), then you...

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2015 Sermons

We thought that some of you may be looking for a particular sermon from 2015 and wanted to provide that need. Simply click the link (and click the play button if using a cell phone). We'll also be adding pages that provide this same information. The sermons are listed from the last to first. The...

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