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Site is Back Up!

Thank you for your patience with the website, it’s been a very humbling experience but Jesus has fixed it. We should be fully up by late tomorrow morning but I’d guesstimate about 98% of folks should have access to the site. Similar messages: Dig Deeper! Pastor Ray calls us to dig a bit deeper…. Access the Promises of God (2013) Does Jesus answer your prayers?… The Revolutionary Resurrection! After our crucifixion, Jesus brings to a place where our lives totally…
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We’re back up!

Thank you Jesus for opening the way, we’re back up and I’ve uploaded broadcasts for Monday and Tuesday. There’s still some additional work needed on the site but am praying about when to take it down and what specifically to upgrade. God bless you!
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No New Message today

We had some technical challenges today with our computer connection to WAVA 780 and were unable to get it resolved in time for today’s broadcast. We’re continuing to work on this but will provide a youtube for tomorrow’s broadcast if we’re unable to air. We would encourage you to listen to our internet radio station, which just launched today. Similar messages: The Foreknowledge of God – 2005 God has a precise purpose for your life and mine, not so that…

Spiritual Warfare

We’re providing an extra treat to you in the form of a Saturday classic from our dear brother Malcolm Lavender (author of the Lavender New Testament) preached in 2009.