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Simplified giving!

Another update May 14. We’ve had a bunch of changes over the last few months. If you’re new and you’d like to understanding more about giving, there’s a post and link under the “About Us” at the top and bottom of the page. Otherwise simply click the Green “Donate” command button at the top of the menu or the “Give” button directly on the bottom of the page and you’ll be taken to our page (which is hosted by…

I Will Shake All Things (Part 2) by Derek Prince

Today’s message is the final one in this mini series from Derek Prince. Our dear brother focuses on how we should respond to this shaking and what is Jesus looking for from you and me as we see this great shaking intensify? Be blessed and write down the scriptures and go back and read them as you listen.

I Will Shake All Things (Part 1) by Derek Prince

Today’s message is about the shaking of all things, which has become much more in earnest than when this was preached about 20 years ago. Do you see that God is beginning to shake all things and how will you stand? (Monday’s broadcast is Part 2) (Note: We significantly edited both sermons due to time constraints and believe you will find the sermon helpful in your walk with Jesus.)

Ten Shekels and a Shirt – Paris Reidhead – 1965

Today’s encore sermon is a most powerful uncovering of humanism, which has become so widespread in the western church that it is widely accepted. Note that there is both a conservative and a liberal form of humanism, both of which result in the deifying of man and consequently withholding of the glory of God. We must recognize this grievous sin and repent. Is God a means to an end or is He an end to you? Much of the church…

How to Forgive Your Enemies – Corrie Ten Boom 1975

In today’s encore sermon from 1975, Sister Corrie Ten Boom, the precious sister who spent years in a concentration camp and suffered much as a follower of Jesus, clearly and simply articulates the need for both repentance and forgiveness. Be blessed by the sweet spirit of Jesus borne in a hothouse of pain and agony for a dear follower of Jesus. This quote sums up her message today: “Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door of resentment and the…

The Way Up Is… Down, by Evangelist Roy Hession

Using Luke 14, evangelist Roy Hession (author of The Calvary Road) explains why humility is a fundamental precept in scripture. He then shows what it means to not only understand humility, but actually walk it out. (We apologize for not including the sermon earlier.)


The history of America and the history of biblical Israel run parallel. We find this exemplified in the story of Elijah, Ahab, and Jezebel. Confronting the Jewish people, Elijah said, “How long will you hop back and forth between two opinions?” He referred to the love of God and the love of prosperity achieved by any means. In the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve received everything they needed as a gift from God. This kept them free to fulfill…

God’s Stronghold

The phone lines jammed in this broadcast as listeners recognized their need for prayer. Pastor Ray’s explanation of Psalm 27 and Psalm 84 illustrates our need to pray first for our own salvation and then for others’ salvation. In this, God pr

The Dividing Line (October 2017)

Jesus came to bring a dividing line: “not peace, but a sword.” Throughout the gospels, Jesus’ words lay out this line as requirements of discipleship. Jesus calls us to repent and fully surrender our lives to Him. Let the Holy Spirit search your heart and ask yourself the question “Have I crossed over the dividing line” and given myself fully to Jesus?

The Dividing Line

Jesus came to bring a division (i.e.a dividing line). Using the words of Jesus, Brother Ed draws a picture of this dividing line and what happens if we choose to draw our own line. Let the Holy Spirit draw this line clearly for you and give yourself fully to Jesus. Finally, he concludes by talking about the crisis that ensues when some choose to follow Jesus and some do not.

Jacob’s Heart

In this very unique and eye-opening reading of Jacob’s life, Brother David unfolds Jacob’s heart to respond to the call of the Holy Spirit. Though immature, he committed himself to God in ways very precious to Jesus, and did not turn away in his heart when he went through suffering he could not understand. Just as God birthed the nation of Israel out of Jacob’s suffering, God wants to birth something out of your suffering that’s bigger than you can…
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