Posts by Jackie Pullinger

Posts by Jackie Pullinger

Finding the Grace to Die (Part 2) by Jackie Pullinger

We must all find the grace to die, listen intently to this sermon by Jackie Pullinger. The original sermon had to be significantly shortened to fit into a broadcast but it’s still a very powerful message and we would encourage you to intently listen to the call of the Holy Spirit. If you didn’t listen to the testimony posted on Wednesday, you should go back and listen to that short testimony as well.

Finding the Grace to Die (Part 1) by Jackie Pullinger

This is a wonderful mini-series from many years ago by Jackie Pullinger, a missionary to Hong Kong for many years. You can support her work by going to her website: Part 1 is a combination of testimonies, words of knowledge and the introductory part of the message.

Have You Been Declawed?

We’ re posted a short testimony from the series entitled “Finding the Grace to Die” by Jackie Pullinger. The two-part series will air on Thanksgiving and Friday. Be encouraged as you listen to this wonderful testimony! Jesus is enough, allow Him to declaw you as he did this dear brother!

Finding the Grace to Die! – Excerpt

We’re including a short clip from an upcoming two-part series by Jackie Pullinger entitled “Grace to Die.” The excerpt is a testimony of a 18-year old young lady named Polly describing this road to death. It’s raw and powerful and we pray it’s an encouragement to go all the way with Jesus, He will carry you through!

From Selfishness to Others

In this message from the “GO 2013” missionary conference, Jackie Pullinger speaks of the urgent necessity for Christians who will love those in need for “the long haul.” Too often, missionary trips are reduced to 6 months or even 2 weeks. We say, “Praise God, 58 people came to the Lord!” Or, “Praise God, this young woman was rescued for sex trafficking.” But then the missionaries leave, and who is going to help the new believers? Pullinger explains that these…