Access the Promises of God (2013)

Access the Promises of God (2013)

Are you a Christian who seems unable to access the promises of God? You pray, and God doesn’t answer. You know that something is wrong–but what? Pastor James provides several tests. First, are you complaining against God? Do you say things like, “God, why is my job so bad?” Or, “Why is my husband so terrible?” Do you blame God for anything unpleasant in your live, and feel as if you’re not getting what you deserve? If so, you are proud, and God opposes you. The solution? Humble yourself before God, submit to him, resist the devil, and draw near to God in fasting, prayer, and study.

Perhaps you aren’t proud, but God still feels far away. If so, you can ask yourself each of those steps as questions. “Is there anything in my life that I haven’t submitted to God? Do I resist the devil? Am I drawing near to God?” May you have full access to the promises of God today!


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