Absolute Surrender! (February 2017)

Absolute Surrender! (February 2017)

Abraham entered covenant with the Lord, received promises, but still let himself be controlled by his circumstances. Famine drove him to Egypt, and Sarah’s barrenness led him to Hagar. Finally, he came to a place where he trusted that God would not break his word. Reasoning through the promises of God enabled Abraham to move forward and offer his son Isaac in faith. When God delivered, Abraham fell down on his face and worshiped God for the first time. He’d sold out to do exactly what God told him to do.

Have you made this absolute surrender to Jesus Christ? A lack of victory over sin indicates a withholding of love and obedience from God. Jesus can’t fulfill the plans he has for your life if you withhold from him. Do you walk in the trust that, if you do what God has told you to do, he will provide for you?


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