A Place of Crushing

A Place of Crushing

This sermon, preached at a Monday night revival meeting, evokes great feelings about Christ’s suffering in Gethsemane. “Gethsemane,” which means, “the place of crushing,” is the place God calls all Christians to go to. Just as olives only release oil when crushed, the flow of the Holy Spirit is released in a Christian when he or she is crushed.

In particular, this crushing is an agony for the salvation of the lost. It is a desperate heart cry to truly see God’s kingdom come on the earth. We enter this Gethsemane experience through Scripture, meditation, and prayer. When we compare what we read in the Bible with the fearful state of our neighbors and family, great feelings and a spirit of prayer will come upon us.

Will you set yourself to enter Gethsemane, so that revival may come?


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